Love Wins


With the recent terrorist attacks, I’ve been giving some thought to love. What? Love, in times like these when hate abounds and violence occurs daily?  Yes, love. Think about this.  If we live in anger and fear, terrorism wins.  If we stop believing in the good, and focus instead on evil, terrorism wins. If we believe that people around us are out to get us, terrorism wins.

We find what we seek, we see what we focus on, so today I choose to focus on love.  I believe in the goodness of people.  Life is too precious to stand back, to hesitate because of fear.  I won’t let terrorism win.

The recent attach in Nice hit home, as I knew one of the victims personally.  Grief and anger come and go, weaving themselves in and out of my heart with no rules, no depth boundaries, no warning.  But in the midst of that grief comes love.

Love for what I knew about my friend and the kind of person he was.  The impact he made on those who knew him. His joy for living.

Love for how the community came together to grieve and support each other.

Love for the reminder that every day is precious…every breath…every hurdle…every relationship…

The goodness is still here. It’s all around us. Look for it and you’ll see it. You’ll see it in the sun that keeps rising, the ocean that keeps sending waves crashing upon the shore. You’ll see it in the stranger who pays it forward for no reason at all.  You’ll see it in the life growing inside of the beautiful pregnant woman.  You’ll see it in the giggles of little kids, the mom hugs, the smiles of seniors.

The circle of life. We may not understand why things happen the way they do.  We suffer, we grow, we experience joy and pain. All of these experiences grow us.  My hope for you is that you choose to fully live life, in every circumstance that is thrown your way.  Because I choose to believe that no matter what, love wins.  #LifeDesignedbyYou

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