Your Body Can Heal Itself

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Your body is designed to HEAL ITSELF! Think about it. When you have a cut, even those that need stitches,the stitches don’t heal the cut, your immune system does.

Do you know how extraordinarily capable and complex your immune system is?

Your body is constantly exposed to chemicals, toxins, pollutants, bacteria, illness, and other stressors. ūüė∑Your immune system, when working at its max, can fight off these intruders.

Natural killer cells, can recognize cells that have been invaded by viruses. The killer cells can bind to these infected cells and destroy them. ūüí™ūüŹľ

So your body will heal itself. So STOP doing the things that cause diseaseūüíä, and START doing the things that rebuild the immune system, the only system in your body that can get you well and keep you well.

Have you heard of the molecule that rebuilds your immune system? You want to educate your white blood cells so they are trained to be able to recognize potential threats, remember what to do with the threat, and then respond by getting rid of it. So many things are coming at us every day and most people operate on about 18% natural killer cell activity. I can help. I have information you deserve to know about and see for yourself. Thousands of testimonials on our research and testimonial page. PM me to be added!

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What’s Calling You?


Take a moment…




“The answers are already within you. ¬†All you have to do is listen to your heart”.¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†Wise words during a conversation with my coach that inspired me to continue on my search for something more. ¬†And sure enough, when I took the time to quiet myself in stillness, the answer presented itself to me. ¬†All I had to do was listen and be open to receive.

Are you where you want to be in your life? ¬†Are you headed in the direction of your passion? ¬†Do you know what drives you? ¬†What’s your purpose? Are you spending your time doing something that you love? ¬†If you answered no, there’s hope!

Take the time to hear what’s calling you

Life is too short to spend it on something that you don’t LOVE. ¬†I implore you to take the time to understand what you love. ¬†For me, it’s helping people understand their value, helping them believe in themselves and what’s possible, and taking action. ¬†That’s what makes me feel connected. ¬†It’s what fills my soul. ¬† You too are on this earth for a purpose. ¬†You have a gift. ¬†Your responsibility is to figure out what that gift is, what fuels you, and then figure out a way to bring that gift to others. ¬†The world needs you!


How can you figure it all out? ¬†That’s up to you. ¬†Take a first step. Try prayer, meditation, journaling, music, exercise, a good talk with a friend or confidante. ¬†Think about what makes you feel the most connected to the universe, what makes you feel joyful. ¬†Identify it, envision it, describe it, then find a way to get more of that in your life. ¬†We need more joy in our world. ¬†You deserve more joy in your life, and the universe deserves you at your very best.¬†


What Matters Most

I was sitting by his hospital bed watching him breathe.  During his last few weeks, he told me stories of his wonderful life.  He was ready to go and passed peacefully at home surrounded by family.  I write and share his Eulogy to celebrate his life. I love him so much and will miss him dearly.

I hear news of a friend who has passed way too soon.

I hear of another who is living his last days.

These experiences have me pausing to reflect.  Have I identified what is important to me?  What are my goals? Am I spending my precious time on what matters most? Am I spending time with those who matter most to me? Am I spending my money on what I value? Am I making a difference?  How long do I have left on this earth? Do I tell those I love how I feel about them? How will I be remembered? Am I happy? Am I nourishing my body, mind and spirit? Am I going through the motions or living my live with intention and by design?

I’m taking time this week to sort out these feelings, answer these questions, and act on them by reassessing ¬†my values. I’m writing long term and short term goals, which I do every year. But this year it feels different. ¬†I’m acutely aware of the preciousness of time. ¬†We all hear “life is short” but sometimes you’re jolted into a raw understanding of the feeling that we are mortal and our time is limited.

My hope for you is that you take the time to reflect and answer the questions I posed above.  Be your best you.  Live your life with intention.  Spend your valuable time in a way that is meaningful.

One tool that I have found helpful is the image below. ¬†Review each aspect of your health and your habits. ¬†What are your priorities in each area? Where do you need to change? What would good look like? ¬†What can you do to get to “good”?

Holistic Self


Take ten minutes every day to reflect.  What are you thankful for?  What are your priorities for the day?  Read your goals EVERY DAY and take one action to get you closer to your goal.

Wishing you a healthy, happy and intentional 2018.  Be well, and live your best life!

“I Could Never Be Like Her”

Uniqueness is a Blessing

“What does she have that I don’t?” ¬†

“Of course she’s successful, she ¬†<fill in the blank>”

“I could never be like her”

Do any of these questions sound familiar? Do they dance around in your head like the mean kid in grade school, telling you that you’re not good enough?

“I can’t do this.” “I’m not strong enough.” “I’m not outgoing enough.” I’m not hip enough.” ¬†Regardless of where we are in our journey, we all have those doubting thoughts enter our minds. What we do with these thoughts makes all the difference in the world.

Think back to when you were unstoppable. ¬†Five years old? ¬†Seven? Fifteen? No one could steal your dreams or convince you that your dreams were ridiculous. You didn’t care that someone was different than you. ¬†You didn’t compare. ¬†You were simply you.

What’s your dream now? Take an inventory. ¬†What would your ideal life look like? ¬†Travel? Retirement? Philanthropy? Home ownership?

Let me tell you – it’s all possible. Whatever your dream. ¬†The difference between those who achieve their dreams and those who see them as out of reach comes in what you do with those words in your head. ¬†Do you allow them? ¬†Do you listen to them?

I encourage you to draft a vision for your life. ¬†Really. ¬†Do it. ¬†Grab a pen and notebook, and start writing. ¬†What’s your fairytale life?

Next, identify one next action to get you there. ¬†Whether you use a proprietary program to help you write your life vision, goals and actions to get you there doesn’t matter. ¬†What matters is that you KNOW WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. ¬†Doesn’t even matter if you know yet how you’ll get there.

Keep your life vision at top of mind. ¬†Review it daily. ¬†BELIEVE it. ¬†And begin to act on it. ¬†One step at a time. ¬†You’re brilliant and can be who you want to be. When those negative doubts creep in, remind yourself of your vision. ¬†The bigger purpose for your actions.

Stop comparing yourself with people who you think are better than you or have more than you. Sure, watch successful people. ¬†Learn from them. ¬†Remember that we see the successes but we don’t see the struggle it took to get there. ¬†Everyone has their highlight reel that we see on social media. ¬†What people don’t share is the struggle. ¬†The tears. The doubt. ¬†They have it, believe me. ¬†But they choose to overcome it and act anyway.

Know that you are unique. ¬†You have strengths, capabilities, and personality traits that make you who you are. ¬†Be proud of them. ¬†Showcase them. ¬†Grow them. ¬†And don’t ever make excuses for who you are. This quote hit home for me when I was struggling. ¬†Hope it helps you too:

“Comparison will strip you of power, grace and influence. ¬†Each person is unique. ¬†How, then can you possibly compare unique to unique? ¬†You can’t, and why you try, you annihilate your brilliance.” ¬†Amy Larson

Be your best self.  Wishing you the life of your dreams.  One step at a time.

Who I Am and Why I’m Here


Change your perspective from “I can’t because….” to “I can, if…”. ¬†That’s who I am and why I’m here. ¬†I’m someone who believes that we can influence our destiny. ¬†Our outlook, our self-talk, our actions, and who we choose to have in our lives can shape our future. ¬†I’m someone who believes that whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.

As I interact with people, especially young people, I bubble up inside, wanting to help them understand their potential.  We all have so much potential, but few actually reach it. Why?  Because of limiting beliefs and therefore limiting actions and behaviors.  Do we all have it easy?  Of course not.  Do some of us have HUGE barriers to overcome? Absolutely.  But if we have the desire and the belief, anything is possible.

So this blog is my way of communicating my beliefs, in the hopes that the words can help others see their own potential. ¬†My most fulfilling passion is to help other people “get it” and realize their talent, then act on it to fulfill their dreams.

I hope you find wisdom in these words.  Your Life CAN be Designed by You!


Love Wins


With the recent terrorist attacks, I’ve been giving some thought to love. What? Love, in times like these when hate abounds and violence occurs daily? ¬†Yes, love. Think about this. ¬†If we live in anger and fear, terrorism wins. ¬†If we stop believing in the good, and focus instead on evil, terrorism wins. If we believe that people around us are out to get us, terrorism wins.

We find what we seek, we see what we focus on, so today I choose to focus on love. ¬†I believe in the goodness of people. ¬†Life is too precious to stand back, to hesitate because of fear. ¬†I won’t let terrorism win.

The recent attach in Nice hit home, as I knew one of the victims personally.  Grief and anger come and go, weaving themselves in and out of my heart with no rules, no depth boundaries, no warning.  But in the midst of that grief comes love.

Love for what I knew about my friend and the kind of person he was.  The impact he made on those who knew him. His joy for living.

Love for how the community came together to grieve and support each other.

Love for the reminder that every¬†day is precious…every breath…every hurdle…every relationship…

The goodness is still here. It’s all around us. Look for it and you’ll see it. You’ll see it in the sun that keeps rising, the ocean that keeps sending waves crashing upon the shore. You’ll see it in the stranger who pays it forward for no reason at all. ¬†You’ll see it in the life growing inside of the beautiful pregnant woman. ¬†You’ll see it in the giggles of little kids, the mom hugs, the smiles of seniors.

The circle of life. We may not understand why things happen the way they do.  We suffer, we grow, we experience joy and pain. All of these experiences grow us.  My hope for you is that you choose to fully live life, in every circumstance that is thrown your way.  Because I choose to believe that no matter what, love wins.  #LifeDesignedbyYou

Look For The Helpers

When we experience something negative, whether it‚Äôs personal loss, terror attacks, tragedy, or natural disaster, it‚Äôs easy to feel down and focus on the negative in this world. But as Mr. Fred Rogers said: ‚ÄúWhen I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‚ÄúLook for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping‚ÄĚ.

There are helpers all around us. People who change their life course to pursue their passion for helping others; caregivers like doctors and nurses; firefighters and police; friends who lend an ear; those who travel thousands of miles to help in times of natural disaster; clergy; neighbors; strangers who step up to help and then become friends. So the next time you are being pulled down by the negative, LOOK FOR THE HELPERS. #LifeDesignedByYou